Our Vision

Bishopbriggs Academy offers pupils the opportunity to maximise their talents, develop their skills and unlock their true potential as valued and valuable members of their community. 

Our Values

At Bishopbriggs Academy we:

  • Treat everyone equally
  • Show respect for others
  • Have compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves
  • Believe in working hard to achieve our goals
Our Aims

In Bishopbriggs Academy we aim to promote equality, justice and integrity. We aim to help our young people become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

We seek to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity to enable all individuals to achieve their full potential
  • Create an ethos of achievement and of raising attainment in a stimulating learning environment
  • Promote positive partnerships between the school, parents and the wider community
  • Prepare pupils for adult life, equipping them to meet the challenges of the future and to become responsible citizens
  • Provide a caring, supportive and well ordered school for everyone