The Bishopbriggs Academy Wellbeing Support Resource opened in April 2016 and offers pupils social and emotional support, opportunities to form new friendships and access to health and wellbeing experiences that give them the skills to do their best in school and deal more confidently and calmly with the trials and tribulations of modern-day life.

Wellbeing groups offer inclusive practices that are founded on recognised educational research. Building relationships both within and outside school is integral and Wellbeing Support teachers are nurturing and supportive.

The Wellbeing Support Base creates an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, a positive sense of self and a sense of autonomy for pupils. The base provides a home-like environment for young people and is arranged with a lounge area, a kitchen area, a work area and a relaxing area. Here, young people participate in a bespoke programme of learning in a unique, warm, welcoming and secure setting.
The Wellbeing Support Base offers support for pupils, parents and carers and staff by providing:
• S1 and S2 support Groups
• S1 – S6 short-term support groups: stress management, self-esteem and resilience
• Mindfulness techniques including access to the wellbeing garden
• Check-in slots
• Breakfast, Break and Lunchtime groups every day 
• CPD Training for staff
• Sessions for Growth Programmes to help deal with bereavement, loss and change
• Triple P Parenting programmes to help promote positive parenting.
  This can be arranged on a one to one basis during or after school hours.
Bishopbriggs Academy always encourages parents to take an active part so if you wish more information on behalf of your child or yourself, or if you would like to visit the Wellbeing Support Base,
please contact your child's Guidance Teacher or call the School Office to arrange an appointment.