Bishopbriggs Academy follows a 32 period week.

 This takes the form of two "long" days on Monday and Tuesday which will start at 8.50am and finish at 3.50pm and three short days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which will start at 8.50am and finish at 3.10pm.

The timings for the school day are:

Mon & Tue 8.50am - 3.50pm   Wed - Fri 8.50am - 3.10pm
8.50 am Registration    8.50am  Registration
9.00 am Period 1    9am  Period 1
9.50 am Period 2    9.50am  Period 2
10.40 am Interval    10.40am  Interval
10.55 am Period 3    10.55am  Period 3
11.45 am Period 4    11.45am  Period 4
12.35 pm Period 5    12.35pm  Lunch
1.25 pm Lunch    1.30pm  Period 5
2.10 pm Period 6    2.20pm  Period 6
3.00pm Period 7    3.10pm  School finished
3.50pm School finishes      

At 8.45am a warning bell will sound to remind pupils to go to their House class.  Pupils should be in their House class by 8.50am.  Pupils who arrive after this time will be marked as late.  Year group and House assemblies may also take place during registration.