East Dunbartonshire Council is changing the way schools and families communicate with each other through a new online service called parentsportal.scot.


This is an online portal designed to be a one-stop shop for a number of school-related activities and will create a new digital relationship between home and school. Through time it is hoped this portal will make communicating with one another easier and more efficient. 

At the heart of the system is an online account created by the Scottish Government called myaccount. This is a secure method of accessing parentsportal.scot which will allow you to link to your child and carry out the following tasks using a single sign-on approach: 

  • Make online payments (cashless catering)
  • Report an absence (note: for Covid-19 absences you should contact the school office direct)
  • View pupils' attendance
  • View pupils’ timetable
  • View school holidays
  • View school twitter feed
  • Update contact details
  • Receive notices from the school
  • Book appointments for Parents’ Evenings
  • Complete the annual data check (that's when we check emergency contacts etc). 

Before you can access the many features parentsportal.scot has to offer, you must first have a myaccount. East Dunbartonshire Council has devised FAQs and guidance documents that should answer all your questions and help you through the process. Please access the Council website at www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk/parents-portal which will take you to the relevant FAQs that contain the sign-up instructions that you need. 

The FAQs on the Council website should give you all the information you need to register but should you need any further assistance please contact the school office.