Youth and Philanthropy Initiative 2012

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community
awareness.  Pupils are taught about philanthropy and charity through an experience of giving that highlights the positive impact they can have on their community.

All of our S6 pupils have worked in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best
placed to make a positive change.  Perhaps the most important aspect of YPI is the site visit pupils are asked to make to their chosen charity as this has developed a real understanding of the challenges facing the community and pupils have been inspired to work to change society for the better. 

Following skills training in advocacy and public speaking, pupils used their research to make presentations on their chosen local charity
that they feel is most deserving of support.  The team judged to have made the most compelling presentation were given a £3000 grant to
award to their charity. 

This year's winners were Claire Carlin, Adam Brown, Lorna Beveridge, Rachel Anderson and Emma McDougall. They were representing the charity No Bodies Perfect which is a charity which helps people with eating disorders. Along with Provost Una Walker and Education Convenor, Councillor Eric Gotts, the group are pictured below presenting their cheque to the charity .

Presenting the winning cheque

Further information can be found on the No Bodies Perfect website which can be accessed here.