Young Enterprise 2017

Our 2017- 18 Young Enterprise team, SeeMore, consists of nine very talented and driven S6 pupils who aim to enlighten, inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. The name SeeMore stems from the empowering and inspiring Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, who nurtured, inspired and educated Elizabeth who later became Elizabeth I. There is no denying that Jane Seymour was an astonishing and motivational woman in her own right and we believe we should: Be more, “SeeMore”.
SeeMore LogoThe Young Enterprise Team consists of:
· Tehreem Ahmed
· Saira Ali
· Abdullah Farooq
· Jack Diver
· Nieve McMahon
· Jodie Murphy
· Callum Russell
· Jennifer Kerr
· Jasdeep Nijjer
Look out for the YE Team who are attending a number of school events and fairs to sell their innovative SeeMore journals.
SeeMore Team
SeeMore Initiative