World Maths Day 2011

S1 pupils concentrate on their mental maths during World Book Day

World Maths Day 2011 took place on Tuesday 1st March 2011. This is the world's largest educational event with 5.3 million students from 218 countries around the world participating. World Maths Day aims to get children excited about maths and to raise awarenss of the charity UNICEF who aim to give all children access to education. During World Maths Day pupils play live games of mental arithmetic against each other. Over 160 million mental arithmetic questions were correctly answered over one day.

In Bishopbriggs Academy, 191 first year pupils took part by playing mental arithmetic games against students from around the world. Pupils played against pupils from as far away as Qatar, the United States, Thailand and Australia. Our pupils correctly answered 14, 936 questions. Well done to everyone who took part!

The top ten pupils in Bishopbriggs Academy were:

Connor Macleod 409 points
Cameron Skimmins 402 points
Shranpal Kang 288 points
Calum Haddock 272 points
Paul Rooney 261 points
Laura Stevenson 238 points
Stephen Ross 235 points
Aimee Scott 220 points
Gavin Ferguson 200 points
Mhairi Webster 196 points


In addition, five pupils scored 100% accuracy. They were Rory Thomson, Robbie Gillespie, Leah Hayworth, Anna Radford and Jack Hearton.