World Book Day 2014

Thursday 6th March was World Book Day 2014.  All around the world children were celebrating their favourite books and authors.  The pupil library volunteers created a competition asking pupils to identify teachers hiding behind books.  Congratulations to second year pupil Sarah Winthrop (pictured below) who was the lucky winner this year.

Sarah is pictured holding her prize

The ten teachers' photographs are pictured below.  Can you spot who is hiding behind each one?  The clue is in the book the teacher is holding.  Hold the cursor over each photograph to see if you are correct.

Miss Winning (Modern Languages)   Mrs Johnston (Maths)   Mrs Shearer (Guidance/Biology)

Mrs MacLeod (English)   Mr Willox (Geography)   Miss Templeton (Art)

Mr Pate (Depute Head Teacher / PE)   Mr Ratcliff (Music)   Mrs Nicholson (Business Studies)

Dr Wright (History/Modern Studies)

Thank you to all teachers who "volunteered" to have their photograph taken!