Teen Healthy Reading

Teen Healthy Reading collectionTeen Healthy Reading is an initiative set up in East Dunbartonshire.  It is a collection of books and resources which cover a range of healh related subjects for young people and aim to offer information and support as well as being interesting to read.  The books are available in all secondary schools, including Bishopbriggs Academy and public libraries in East Dunbartonshire Council.  The books are easy to access and provide a different way to get information about your health.  The resources cover a range of topics including:

Confidence   Bullying  Self Esteem   Nutrition and Diet   Stress

Mental Health Issues   Families   Relationships   Personal Safety  

The books in the Teen Healthy Reading collection are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction (fact) books and are kept together on the Library shelves.  All of the books contain up to date information and have been chosen by other young people, health professionals and librarians.  Some have advice and information, while others are self-help style books.  Borrowing these books is confidential.  The librarian would not give out information about who is borrowing a book or what the book is about. This is a great benefit of the Teen Healthy Reading scheme - you can access all sorts of information confidentially and it doesn't mean talking to anyone about it.

There is good evidence that books can help individuals who are experiencing emotional difficulies.  It is a great way of getting information about subjects you may not want to discuss face to face with someone.  However, if you feel you need further information about an aspect of your health, you can contact your GP (which is completely confidential) or speak to another health professional, such as a school nurse or counsellor who will be able to give you further support or direct you to someone who can help.