Student Planner

At the start of each school year, every pupil is issued with a student planner.  This is designed to help pupils manage their time, develop good study and organisational skills and to prepare for life beyond school.  Planners are also used to record the aim of each lesson, note homework tasks and to monitor their understanding of a topic.  Parents/carers can assist pupils by looking over the planner each week with their child.  Planners should be signed each week by a parent/carer and your child's house tutor each week.

In light of pupil comments the student planner has been updated.  A working group of pupils made a number of very helpful suggestions and we now have a planner for S1 - S3 pupils and a planner for pupils in S4 - S6.

All pupils receive a presentation on the student planner during Registration in August.  There are two different presentations.  The first is for all pupils in S1 - S3 and the second is for all pupils in S4 - S6 who have a Senior Student Planner.  The presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

S1 - S3 Student Planner

S4 - S6 Senior Student Planner

The student planners are a work in progress and we would welcome comments from parents in ways in which the planners could be improved.


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