Solar Eclipse 2015

On the morning of Friday 20th March 2015 pupils gathered on the school pitch to look out for the first solar eclipse in many years. At first the sky was cloudy and pupils waited anxiously to see if the clouds would disperse. The peak of the eclipse was due at 9.34am and as it drew closer the skies darkened, birds began to roost on the school gym, cars switched on their headlights and pupils excitedly donned their special solar eclipse glasses in anticipation. Fortunately, the clouds dispersed slightly and pupils were able to witness the moon passing in front of the sun until only a sliver of the sun could be seen. A few minutes later, the sky slowly began to brighten and pupils were able to go back to class and discuss the amazing natural phenomenon that they had just seen.

Pupils are pictured below waiting for the eclipse.

Pupils watch the sky anxiously   Will the clouds disperse?   Pupils wait anxiously

Pupils model the latest solar eclipse glasses   The sky begins to darken   Pupils watch as the moon begins to cover the sun

The eclipse begins

Taken by S6 pupil, Kirsty Henderson, the eclipse becomes clearer   The sun begins to reappear (taken by Kirsty Henderson, S6)