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Show My Homework - A new way to record, track and monitor homework at Bishopbriggs Academy.
Following our recent homework review, we are excited to launch Show My Homework (SMHW), an online tool to help you keep track of your child’s homework. SMHW will allow you to see the details of the tasks your child has been set, all their deadlines and their submission status. Recommendations from the review advise that there are many benefits of introducing an electronic model to work in conjunction with our student planner rather than replacing it. Therefore, we have decided to introduce this system to improve the way we communicate with parents and give you greater visibility into the homework we set.
You will be provided with login details to your personal account which is linked to your child’s homework calendar where you will be able to see your child’s ‘to do’ list and any homework that is overdue. All pupils will be issued with a login but homework tasks can also be viewed without login details. Once in use, to view all homework set without login details please visit the SMHW home page
Once on the home page, search for Bishopbriggs Academy before using the filter options at the top of the page to find your child’s homework. Alternatively, once you have your login details, click on the logo above to go directly to the login page. We launched Show My Homework on Monday 5th June, 2017, and we hope that this service will provide parents with a deeper insight into the homework pupils receive. More importantly, we hope that it will help your child’s organisation, time-management and support them to keep on top of their workload. To keep up to date on the move you can also download the SMHW app free once you receive your login details, you will then be sent push notifications to let you know what homework is due. You will also be notified of overdue homework and announcements/events.
If you or your child have any questions about the service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr I. Donaghey, Depute Head Teacher, at school. Alternatively you can contact the support team at SMHW, who are always happy to help. Just email or call 0207 197 9550. SMHW also have video tutorials and user guides accessible on their website. Watching the 3 - 4 min video tutorials first will give you a complete picture of how SMHW works and from there you will have questions which you can then answer by navigating the support page.