Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

The aims of the R.M.P.S. Department are:

·          To provide a positive learning and teaching environment for all pupils and staff.

·          For all pupils to feel comfortable and valued by staff.

·          To provide opportunities for personal, active, co-operative and reflective learning.

·          Together, we aim to broaden and deepen our knowledge and understanding of religious and cultural diversity.

Skills developed in R.M.P.S.

·         Knowledge and Understanding

·         Creativity

·         Critical Thinking

·         Investigation

·         Evaluation

·         Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing

The topics being studied in R.M.P.S. this year are:

S1: The Nature of Belief, Festivals, Leaders of Religion, Morality & Philosophy and Symbols.

Sample Unit Outline: S1 Symbols and Artefacts

S2: Sacred Writings and Charity Work, Philosophy of Religion and Animal Rights.

Sample Unit Outline: Scared Writings

S3: SQA Units World Religion (Buddhism) and Morality & Belief (Medical Ethics). Pupils in S3 can work towards National 4 level accreditation.

Sample Unit Outline: Buddhism

National 5 RMPS: World Religions (Hinduism), Religion & Justice, Religious and Philosophical Questions (Origins)

Higher Philosophy Units: Arguments in Action and Moral Philosophy

Unit outline: Philosophy

The R.M.P.S. department takes responsibility for encouraging whole school participation in Peace One Day (September), a Battlefields Excursion to Belgium or France  (October) and an inclusive Remembrance Service (November).

Department staff also participate in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative for S6 pupils.