Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

The aims of the R.M.P.S. Department are:

·          To provide a positive learning and teaching environment for all pupils and staff.

·          For all pupils to feel comfortable and valued by staff.

·          To provide opportunities for personal, active, co-operative and reflective learning.

·          Together, we aim to broaden and deepen our knowledge and understanding of religious and cultural diversity.

The topics being studied in R.M.P.S. this year are:

S1: The Nature of Belief, Festivals, Symbols and the Environment.

Sample Unit Outline: S1 Symbols and Artefacts

S2: Sacred Writings and Charity Work, gender and Sectarianism.

Sample Unit Outline: Scared Writings

S3 Core: SQA Units - World Religion (Buddhism) and Morality & Belief (Medical Ethics). Pupils in S3 can work towards National 4 level accreditation.

Sample Unit Outline: Buddhism

As part of our unit on Buddhism pupils have the opportunity to visit Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Samyeling.  For further information on Samyeling please visit their website.

Pupils visit Samyeling   Inside Samyeling

S4 Core: SQA Units - Anthropology.  Pupils in S4 can work towards National 5 level accreditation.

National 5 RMPS: World Religions (Hinduism), Religion and Justice, Religious and Philosophical Questions (Origins)

Higher Philosophy Units: Arguments in Action and Moral Philosophy

Unit outline: Philosophy

The R.M.P.S. department takes responsibility for an annual Battlefields Excursion to Belgium or France  (October) and an inclusive Remembrance Service (November).

Department staff also participate in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative for S6 pupils.