Reference Library

Books in the Reference Library

The Reference Library contains books which cannot be borrowed to be taken home.  They can be borrowed for use within a class for a short period of time.  Books in the Reference Library include:

Encyclopaedias - both full sets such as World Book and the Encyclopaedia Britannica and single volumes such as The Glasgow Encyclopedia

Dictionaries - English language and foreign language dictionaries


Maps, atlases and street directories

Biographical dictionaries

Guinness World Records

Essential Articles volumes 1 - 17

Rare books - for example, the Library has a small collection of books on local man and political reformer, Thomas Muir.  Some of these books are now out of print and cannot be replaced.

Books produced by the school - for example school year books and poetry books produced by pupils.  These are only in print for a short time and cannot be purchased once out of print.

Pupils can also access online information sources which are helpful for discursive essays, talks, projects and general research.  These can be accessed from home or school.You can obtain the password to log in to each of these information sources from Mrs Thomas. 

Essential Articles and Fact File (published annually by Carel Press)

Issues Online (updated throughout the year by Independence Educational Publishers)