Pastoral Care Team


When pupils join the school they come under the care of a member of the Guidance Team. This teacher is responsible for all aspects of life affecting the education of the pupils in their group. For this purpose the school is divided into six houses by surname.

For session 2017 - 2018 the structure will be:

Year Surname Teacher House
1 - 6 A - C Mr J. Rushworth Burns
1 - 6 D - G Ms M. McAlister Fleming
1 - 6 H - L Mr I. Brown Kelvin
1 - 6 Mc - Mac Ms J. McSherry Macdonald
1 - 6 M - R Mrs A. Currie Muir
1 - 6 S - Z Mrs S. Shearer Thomson


This means that where parents have more than one child in the school the same member of the Guidance Team will deal with all members of the family. These teachers are the main link between home and school. Pupils should not hesitate to ask advice or discuss a problem with their Guidance teacher. This is particularly important at times when the curricular choices have to be made i.e. in Second Year and Fourth Year. There is close liaison between the Senior Management Team and the Guidance Team. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate member of the team with any general concerns. A convenient contact time can then be arranged. Parents may also wish to contact the Guidance team or members of the Senior Management Team by letter.

It is essential that parents do not delay in consulting the school when a matter which concerns them arises. The problem may be curricular, social, medical, emotional or vocational. It may be circumstances outwith the school which could affect behaviour or attitude within the school. Very often early and frank discussion brings a speedy resolution to the problem whereas delay may compound the difficulties.

All pupils coming to the school will visit it in June prior to their starting in First Year in August. Their parents will also be invited to a meeting in the school in June.

Other members of our Pupil Support Team are listed below:

Mrs A. Johnson Acting Principal Teacher – Support for Learning

Ms M. Stevenson  Principal Teacher - Language Communcation Resource