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The Bishopbriggs Academy highly values the involvement of parents in the schooling process. Pupils that are supported at home often excel at school. In 2006 The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act gave parents the right to receive information about their children's education and be represented and have their views expressed through the Parent Council; Parent Councils have now replaced School Boards and carry out very similar functions.

Our Parent Council at Bishopbriggs is composed of parents, school staff and co-opted members of the community. Our Head Teacher, Gordon Moulsdale, has a right and a duty to attend meetings and acts as an adviser on the Parent Council. All of our Parent Council meetings are open and all parents are welcome to attend.

The Bishopbriggs Parent Council, which was formed in June 2007, aims to support the school in improving the quality and standards of education of the children in the school, by promoting parental involvement, representing parents views and working in partnership with parents, staff, pupils and stakeholders. 

Further information on the objectives of the Parent Council can be found in our Constitution: