Modern Languages

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The Modern Languages Department includes French, German, and Spanish

 Aims & Objectives of Modern Languages Department 

  • To offer education of the highest quality to all pupils who come to our department
  • To encourage all our pupils to become responsible global citizens and effective contributors to their society through their learning of foreign languages and cultures
  • To build on pupils’ previous knowledge and develop their skills to become successful learners and enable them to achieve their potential
  • To make pupils aware of our high expectations by setting appropriate targets taking into account their individual learning styles and needs
  • To create strong, positive relationships and foster an ethos where pupils flourish and become confident individuals
  • To create strong, positive links between school, home and the local community
  • To promote a safe and protective environment where all pupils and staff feel valued and their contributions are recognised

In the Modern Languages Department, topics are similar across all subjects. These topics include:

S1 - Pets, numbers, colours, family, where you live, school and free time

S2 - My house, plans, family, illnesses, and food

S3 - Daily routine, free time, holidays, health, food and family relationships

S4 - Homework, school, future plans and part-time jobs

S5/6 - Society, learning, employability, culture, travel and film evaluation

From S1 to S6 we endeavour to make pupils appreciate the skills they are developing for life after school too.  The relevance of language learning is inherent to all our courses. Pupils participate in a wide range of activities for the European Day of Languages as well as in numerous IDL projects and events with outside agencies.  Trips and exchange visits also play am important role in our work.

European Day of Languages Events

European Day of Languages    European day of languages 2

   European Day of Languages 4   EDL Invite

Inter Disciplinary Learning - Pupils' Work

IDL 1   

Modern Languages Trip to Hamburg


Trip to Hamburg 

 Hamburg Trip

Exchange Trip to Germany

German Exchange   German exchange 2

Working with Outside Agencies

Working with SCILT   

Partnership Working

Bishopbriggs is a German Partner School.  To find our more visit the Goethe Institut website.