Microsoft Visit

On Tuesday 8th October, we received a visit from Bob McDowell, the world Vice President of Microsoft. Mr McDowell had been visiting Scotland to meet with and give presentations to various organisations including the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust. We have been doing a lot of work over the past year or so with the Trust and Mrs Margaret Gibson, who is their Director of Marketing and Communications has been very impressed with our pupils. Mr McDowell had heard about the National Award for Enterprise we won last year and expressed an interest in paying a visit to Bishopbriggs Academy.  Mr McDowell is a very thought-provoking and inspirational speaker and he held a masterclass with over 100 pupils in our Assembly Hall, discussing his life, the world of technology and what he feels young people need to be successful in today’s market place. The question and answer session at the end was absolutely superb and I think Mr McDowell, who was clearly enjoying himself greatly, would gladly have stayed all night.