Librarian: Mrs K. Thomas

The Library – a place of quiet reading and studying. Whilst this does happen at Bishopbriggs Academy Library, it is not always the case! Having a new superb hi-specification Library ensures the Library is busy every day. From before school in the morning until late in the day, the Library is full of pupils taking part in a range of activities to encourage reading, support the curriculum and develop information handling skills. Topics have ranged from the work of laboratory scientists to UCAS applications; the design of a food product and optical fibres and research for Higher and Advanced Higher topics in Chemistry, Geography, Music, History, English and Physics.  S3 Dance pupils researched costume designs and dance styles for their investigations and performances; Modern Language pupils used Linguascope, produced presentations on school and hobbies whilst pupils from Art designed alternative book covers and researched jewellery designers.  Higher Photography pupils made extensive use of the Library’s ICT facilities and S6 Higher Psychology pupils undertook research for group projects; from Modern Studies pupils researched and produced reports on terrorist attacks and in English there has been a lot of work with pupils from all year groups on research skills for discursive essays and individual talks. Not forgetting the pupils who came in to borrow or renew library books and DVDs, complete homework or type up essays.  The Library is rarely empty. Almost every subject department uses the Library at some point in the school year, resulting in around 2000 pupils visiting the Library each week.

Working in the Library

Bishopbriggs Academy School Library is located on the first floor and provides a wide range of resources for both staff and pupils in the school. At present the Library contains almost 8000 books, DVDs and magazines which support the curriculum and reading for enjoyment and pleasure. The Library is well equipped with desktop PCs and lap tops which can be used to access the school network and Internet. PCs can be also booked by pupils for use out with class time. An Active Whiteboard is also available for use by teaching staff and the librarian.

Working in the library

Aims of the Library

  • To provide a service which supports the curricular, recreational and developmental needs of all its users, both staff and pupils.
  • To enable all pupils to achieve their full potential by providing them with access to a wide range of resources suitable for their needs.
  • To equip pupils with Library and information handling skills which will enable them to use information beneficially and encourage pupils to appreciate the benefits of lifelong learning.
  • To promote and encourage reading.

Opening hours (out with class time):

Monday / Tuesday                    Wednesday / Thursday                  Friday

8.30am* - 8.50am                      8.30am* - 8.50am                           8.30am* - 8.50am

1.50pm - 2.10pm                       1.05pm - 1.30pm                            1.05pm - 1.30pm

3.50pm - 4.10pm                       3.10pm - 4.00pm                            3.10pm - 3.30pm

*Officially the Library opens at 8.30am, however it is usually open from 8.00am for pupils who arrive early at school and who wish to use PCs, read or do homework or meet friends.

Due to the large number of pupils using the Library at lunchtimes, year groups will be allowed in to the library as follows:

Monday S1 and S3 pupils

Tuesday S2 and S4 Pupils

Wednesday S1 and S3 pupils

Thursday S2 and S4 pupils

Friday Alternate weeks, S1 and S3 one week, S2 and S4 pupils the next week.

S5 and S6 pupils may use the Library every day.

All pupils may use the Library any day before and after school.

Borrowing Resources

Issued BookPupils in first to fourth year may borrow up to four items at a time. Senior pupils may borrow up to ten items at a time. Resources can be borrowed for a two week period which can be extended if further time is required. Pupils are also able to reserve items which may be out on loan. The Library’s automated Library system, Heritage enables pupils to search and locate resources in the Library.