IDL Project with Ronald Reng

Visit by Ronald Reng to Bishopbriggs Academy

Ronald Reng is a German sports author who has lived in both England and Barcelona. At one point in his life he wanted to be a professional Goalkeeper. He was not successful with this aim and realised, instead, that he had a talent for writing.

He got to know Robert Enke when they were both in Barcelona. Robert Enke was a famous German Goalkeeper who played for such teams as Benfica, Barcelona and Hannover. Enke struggled with depression and devastatingly took his own life at the age of 32 in 2009. 

The purpose of Reng’s visit to Bishopbriggs Academy was twofold. Firstly, to raise awareness of the problem of depression within the sporting world, which is brought to light in the book “A Life too Short (ein allzu kurzes Leben): The Tragedy of Robert Enke”. Secondly, to publicise his works. 

The visit began with Lamia Lamki (S6) reading an excerpt from “A Life too Short” in German. This was then translated into English by Eilidh Hope (S5). After this Reng was asked questions in German by Lauren McCoubrey (S5), Ross Alexander (S5), Alia Ghafar (S5) and Kate Hamilton (S6). He answered firstly in German and then in English. 

PE and English departments then asked Ronald various questions about himself and Enke.

Pupil Response to the event:

Laura Hooman (S5) – I wasn’t aware of the extent to which depression is a problem in sport. I think that Ronald Reng’s personality came across when he was mimicking Enke’s Goalkeeping tactics. 

Ich wusste gar nicht, wie sehr Depressionen ein Problem in der Sportwelt sind. Wir haben Rengs Persönlichkeit beim Nachmachen der Torhüter Taktiken kennengelert.

Adam Brown (S5) – It was interesting to hear about various topics like Goalkeeping, depression and suicide. I also enjoyed hearing Reng’s experiences as an author. I feel that the event was insightful and worthwhile.

Es war interessant von solchen Themen wie Torhüten, Depressionen und Selbstmord zu hören. Es hat mir auch gut gefallen, von seinen Erfahrungen als Autor zu erfahren. Meiner Meinung nach, war die Veranstaltung aufschlussreich und es hat sich gelohnt.  

Jennifer McInnes (S5) – I found it very interesting that the death of a goalkeeper could affect a country to such an extent. It must have been hard for Reng to write about someone that he was friends with. The visit was a new experience for me.

Ich fand es sehr interessant, dass der Tod eines Torhüters ein Land so beeinflussen konnte. Es musste schwer für Reng gewesen sein, über seinen Freund zu schreiben. Der Besuch war ein neues Erlebnis für mich.

Lamia Lamki (S6) - I thought that Reng was funny, confident and a good role model. It was a really good opportunity for everyone involved.

Reng war lustig, selbstbewusst und ein gutes Vorbild. Es war eine tolle Gelegenheit für uns alle.

Further information on Ronald Reng's visit can be found on the Pasch website and on the PASCH blog.