Hunterston B Power Station Visit

S4 chemistry students recently had the opportunity to visit Hunterston B nuclear power station. One of the pupils wrote a report on their visit:

S4 chemistry students got the opportunity to visit the Hunterston B nuclear Power station. Prior to the visit Mrs Gallagher had to send all of our names to allow their security to check our details and for us to be issued with security badges. The bus trip to Largs was quite long but we eventually arrived and the staff were very friendly . We loved wearing the orange safety helmets! We were split into 2 groups and guided around the plant. We got to see from the upper floor where the fission reaction took place. The guides were really informative and we learned all about the safety and processes that go on into running a nuclear power plant. Everything was very clean! and it was interesting to hear about the new safety regulations across the world due to the recent Fukishima disaster.

No mobile phones or cameras were allowed on the plant as any flashes could set off the sprinkler system. In recent years the staff also had to rescue a seal pup that swam up the cooling water pipe. They kept it alive feeding it fish till it could be winched to safety. They named him Lucky!

The pupils are pictured below as they received their safety briefing.

Pupils at Hunterston B Power Station