Home Economics

In S1, S2 and S3 pupils follow programmes of work in the Broad General Education of a Curriculum for Excellence covering various topics including practical cookery, safety and hygiene in the kitchen, nutrition, diet and healthy eating and fabric work. The Home Economics department also contributes and participates in a number of inter disciplinary learning projects.

Showing off our cake decorating skillsCushion coversRoss and Ryan are pleased with their cakes

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In S4 the Home Economics Department offers National 4 and 5 Health and Food Technology. It is an interesting course, covering a wide variety of topics including nutrition, dietary advice, hygiene, safety, design features, contemporary food issues and product development. It will help you gain knowledge, the ability to handle information and to develop practical and organisational skills, which are important in everyday living.

Opportunities are given to develop practical cookery skills which are covered in a topic in S3. This is approached in a practical way. Pupils will work independently or with a partner and learn how to co-operate with others. There is a written exam and a practical exam.

In S4 the Home Economics Department also offers Hospitality - Practical Cookery at National 4 level. This is mainly a practical course. The aim of the course is to develop knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: food preparation; food hygiene; organisation and planning; working as an individual and as a member of a team. In three of the units it is mostly practical work. However, in the Food Hygiene unit there is a written based theory unit. There is also a practical exam. Pupils are expected to regularly practise food preparation and cooking skills at home and to revise for end of unit tests.

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Further information can be found in the S2 Subject Choice Booklet.

In S5 and S6 two options are offered:

Hospitality – National 5

This Course is designed to offer development of practical skills and understanding appropriate to food preparation and cookery. The Course has been designed primarily as a practical Course and aims to provide the development of techniques and skills required for food production appropriate to hospitality situations.

Home Economics: Health and Food Technology Higher

Technology and is particularly useful if you are planning a career in hospitality or the food industry. It is designed to develop your personal effectiveness in using and managing resources and offers experience in a range of technologies. In addition it promotes creative skills, good health and personal and social development. This course offers you the opportunity for in-depth study of many aspects of Health and Food Technology.

Working hard in the kitchenOur final dishesCarrying out research

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