Health and Well Being

Health and well being is an integral part of the Curriculum for Excellence and is covered in various parts of the school in a number of ways. Some of the most obvious links would be activities that take part in Physical Education (where all pupils are encouraged to be more active and take part in a number of healthy activities) and Home Economics (where topics such as a healthy diet and safety in food preparation are covered).  However, in all subjects there will be aspects of their course where Health and Wellbeing should be evident e.g. decision making in Social Subjects, positive mental image in Drama, health choices when looking at drugs etc in PSE, expressing feelings and being aware of other people's feelings in English.

As well as topics being embedded in all courses there are separate activities which are organised involving a number of departments which finish with an event such as our S1 Health and Well Being Day. This involved all pupils in S1 being made fully aware of health related topics over a number of weeks in P.E., Home Economics and Drama. This culminated with an event where all first year pupils are off normal timetable for a day and participated in activities such as Badminton, Rugby, Judo, Healthy Eating, Drama workshops and Dance. There are even demonstrations by pupils of activities which they enjoy such as gymnastics, trampoline skills, uni cycling and our Ukulele orchestra.

Other events planned include an S6 Health and Well Being day shortly after their prelim exams in January/February.

If you are aware of any options for further Health and Well Being opportunities please do not hesitate to contact the school.