Go4SET Challenge 2017

Congratulations to the S2 pupils who took part in and completed the Go4SET Challenge 2017:

Angus Baird  2B1, Ewing Greig 2F1, Yvonne Black 2B1, Jack Davison 2F1, Andrew Lyle 2K1, Aaron Consani 2F1, Lewis Kelly 2K1, Dylan Seto 2M1, Drew Booth 2B2 and Blair Mills 2K1

Go4Set Team 2017

Go4SET is a National Competition run by EDT who are based at Strathclyde University and aims to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills in schools across the country.

Working hard

The Go4SET Challenge 2017 was to design and build an Electronic and Environmentally Friendly solution to a problem that was relevant to your school.   Our S2 Go4SET group presented the issue at morning assemblies and then analysed a questionnaire they had asked all S1 and S2 pupils in Bishopbriggs Academy to complete.  This resulted in the Go4SETgroup designing and building a working model based around a bicycle that when pedalled, generated enough electricity to charge a mobile phone. The pupils then had to produce a written report, discuss and present a display of their research to a group of assessors from STEM Industries across the country, at the University of West of Scotland on 22ndFebruary 2017. 

Calling themselves ‘The Bishopbriggs Blue Shirts’ and with their individual logo displayed on their blazer lapels, they represented the school by producing an excellent…no………fabulous exhibition. In addition, the Bishopbriggs Academy S2 group were the only participants in the competition to succeed in producing a full size working model that fulfilled their original aim. Their working prototype could indeed charge a mobile phone.

The final product

The Bishopbriggs Academy S2 pupils demonstrated an impressive understanding of a wide range of Skills for Life, Learning and Work. Further, this was supplemented by an integrity that openly reflected the ethos of our school.  Congratulations to the six S2 pupils who attended the Assessment Day and to all ten S2 pupils who participated in the challenge. All those involved will receive Silver CREST Awards.  WELL DONE!!