German Exchange Trip 2016

In June 2016 a group of our pupils visited their German Exchange partners in Konstanz, Germany.  Here are some of there diary extracts.

Saturday / Sunday

Heading off to Germany

We flew to Germany on the Saturday morning. We got a minibus from Basel Airport to the school where we got picked up by our exchange partner's family. At the school we got to know them and had some free snacks and drinks. Once everyone was ready to go, we all went to our houses and got a mini tour. When I got settled I went to meet up with some of my exchange partner's friends to play football.

On the Sunday, most of the students on the exchange went to the Europapark (a famous theme park) which holds the fastest roller coaster in Europe - Blue Fire. We went on lots of different rides such as Silver Star which is a car themed roller coaster and there was also a space themed roller coaster in a massive ball which is also very quick. The theme park was split up into several different areas which are labelled with the names of lots of countries like the UK, Ireland, Scandanavia and many others with different rides representing each of the countries’ history and traditions. When we got there we found out that everyone was celebrating the 25th anniversary of Coca Cola so we were able to get lots of free things such as drinks and hats.

by Max Caven

On the Saturday, I went to an extinct volcano which had a castle on it, this was very interesting and I found out about the history of it and other facts. After this I had a pizza beside the lake, it was very tasty and peaceful.

On Sunday, I went to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. I got to see lots of different cars made from 1950-2016, I really enjoyed this and it was very fun and interesting. I then had some ice-cream which was very nice and a traditional German meal containing spicy chicken, rice and vegetables it was really nice.

by Kerr Stirling


Today we met at a university and we walked to the tree climbing park it was a beautiful nice walk through the forest and the tree climbing was incredible -  it was hard at some points but I don't regret doing any of it… at all. I had so much fun and I enjoyed every minute!!!

Tree climbing   Mrs Robertson enjoying the tree slide!   Picnic in the sun

With our German friends   Getting ready to climb

We then went to an island which was a botanic garden and it was beautiful. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and the lake was beautiful. I really enjoyed it very much!

by Niamh Brown and Danai Kolliatsas


Enjoying an icecream

Today we went to visit the local primary school. In German this is called “Grundschule”. We visited a grade 4 class where the students were nine or ten. We showed the students some objects from Scotland. They learned about whisky, orange marmalade and Irn Bru. We also read them “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, which they really enjoyed. After this, we went back to the High School and took part in an English lesson, which we were very good at! Then we went to a museum about the history of Konstanz and went on a tour of the town. It was very interesting and because it was a very hot day, we all got ice cream. After this, most of us went to an outdoor, live viewing of the football game between Germany and Northern Ireland. The atmosphere was great because the crowd cared a lot about the game and Germany won.

by Eilidh MacAskill and Sasha Stone


Today we were in school all day, although school in Germany finishes at 1 so we had lots of free time after. It was surprisingly fun and we got to teach pupils in Germany about Scotland and the differences between Bishopbriggs and Konstanz. After school, one of the German teachers had organised a scavenger hunt round Konstanz which was really good. Afterwards,  lots of us went to the swimming pool and went swimming in the lake. It was so much fun being with everyone. The swimming was one of my favourite things we did outside of school and organised trips. 

by Emily Jenner


Today we went to Switzerland. We took 2 trains from Konstanz-Singen-Switzerland itself. It was at least an hour journey and had lots of scenery for you to indulge in. After the train we went a walk around a river and had a little picnic as we watched the river flow by... After the picnic we went on a mini hike up a hill to go see a waterfall called Rheinfall where you could go see it in close where the water sprayed against your face which was relaxing as it was a hot day. 

Enjoying our lunch in the sunshine

After the Waterfall we travelled around the park a bit and took many amazing and beautiful photographs of the waterfall.  After this we went back to the train station to get the train back home. This was a very enjoyable day. In the evening, most of us went to the Lake to go swimming.


by Kirsty MacLennan and Niamh Scanlon


Having fun   In the museum

Admiring the planes at the museum   Inside the museum

On the Friday we met at the school and got a boat across the lake of Konstanz to Friedrichshafen and then a train to the plane museum. It was very interesting as we got to go inside old plane models. At the end of the tour we made paper airplanes and had a competition to see who's would travel the furthest, it was fun!! After, we went back to Konstanz and met our partners and went home to get swimming stuff and prepare food for the picnic. The picnic was at a popular place at the edge of the lake that many people visit, as there is so much to do like play tennis, volleyball football, trampolines, live bands and play parks for children. We went swimming in the lake with everyone, there was a wooden raft out in the lake which everyone loved and enjoyed jumping off. It was amazing and the weather was up to 33 degrees!! It was great as the whole group was out together for the last night.

by Kirsty Boyd and Grace Fleming