Galaxy Glasgow 2017

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Galaxy Glasgow
A static grid gets moved
As long as you follow certain lines, everything is fine.
As soon as they change, everything will be different.
Am I lost?
Düsseldorf based artist C. Blömeke will be questioning the lines of Glasgow; those that are visible and those that are invisible. Her interdisciplinary project is a collaboration with teachers and students of the Art, Music, German and Drama Departments of Bishopbriggs Academy.
Situated on a static grid Glasgow offers millions of encounters. But what is the one that strikes and holds you? 
Pupils recording their thoughts and images
Pupils are pictured recording their thoughts and images for the project
On top of a sightseeing bus pupils will take notes of everything that catches their interest. Their sketches, recordings, photographs and thoughts will be then transformed into new audio, visual and performance art works. The works will initiate an experimental dialogue at Tramway, an old venue with the history of carriages pulled by horses, stables and later trams. The tramlines which once set off from here will set off in a new direction. 
Parents and friends are invited to attend the opening of the performance on Friday 23rd June 2017 at 11.00am which will be held at
The Visual Arts Studio
25 Albert Drive
Glasgow, G41 2PE
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