Die Deutsche Ecke

Die Deutsche Ecke, or German Book Corner was set up with funding from the Goethe Institut to support our partnership with the German Federal Government - Schulen: Partner der Zukunft. This partnership aims to encourage links with Germany and to promote the learning and teaching of German. Die Deutsche Ecke contains a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Most are in German but others are English translations of books written by German authors. There is also a small collection of German teenage magazines. Recently a small selection of German language film DVDs have been added to Die Deutsche Ecke.  An iPad with a variety of German Language Apps is also available for pupils to use. These resources can be borrowed in the same way as library books and help to improve pupils' German language skills, enjoy German authors and learn about Germany and German culture. We also have Die Deutsche Ecke notice board which displays work produced by pupils studying German at Bishopbriggs Academy.

Die Deutsche EckeDie Deutsche Ecke notice boardDeutsche Ecke Film Display