CfE Pupil Passport

In session 2011 - 12, all S1 and S2 pupils were given a Curriculum for Excellence Pupil Passport to record examples of where they were developing skills in literacy, numeracy and health and well being during one school week. Each pupil had to identify at least two examples of activities they had been involved in during their lessons (out with English and Maths) which had developed their skills. Pupils then visited Passport Control (the school library) to get their passports verified with a stamp. House points were then awarded to pupils who completed at least two examples in each section.   

This initiative was aimed at helping pupils to recognise when and how they are developing their skills in literacy, numeracy and health and well being.  From discussion and research in school it was clear that pupils were very confident in describing activities across the curriculum that we recognise as literacy, numeracy or health and well being; however, they were less confident in recognising this themselves. The Passport would enable pupils to develop these skills.

Following the success of the Passport, this initiative ran again in session 2012 - 13.  After feedback from staff and pupils, some small changes were made to ensure pupils will have a greater understanding of the ways in which literacy, numeracy and health and well being are embedded in our curriculum.

Following further consultation with staff and pupils, the Pupil Passport was added to each student planner in session 2013 -14 and continues to be reviewed each year. Each term one week is allocated to enable pupils to identify the literacy, numeracy and health and well being skills they are developing.  This will also tie in with pupils recording their achievements in each subject to assist with building a record of the skills developed in the Broad General Education.


Pupil Passport