Business Education

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S1 - S2 Business Enterprise

In S1 and S2 pupils explore ethical issues relating to business practice and gain an understanding of how businesses operate within Scotland, the UK and beyond. Topics covered include:

  • Needs, wants, goods and services
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business ethics and social responsibility
  • Making choices

Pupils will make use of ICT to present and communicate business information. The skills developed will be relevant for learning, life and work and enable pupils to make informed choices.

S3 - S4 Business

Pupils will explore the role of business in society. They will investigate how businesses operate in:

  • competitive and economic environments
  • dynamic and changing global markets
  • everyday life

In addition, the course will encourage enterprising attitudes and develops transferable skills for learning, life and work that will be of instant use in the workplace.

Pupils at work in S3   Working in a Business Education class

S3 - S4 Administration and IT

The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of administration in the workplace and develop IT skills which will enable learners to organise, manage and communicate information, to carry out administrative tasks and to organise and support events.

  • Administrative Practices
    • Learners will develop an understanding of key legislation, the benefits of good customer care and the skills, qulaities and attributes required of administrators.
  • IT Solutions and Administrators
    • Using word processing, spreadsheets and databases to create and edit business documents, problem solve and organise and manage information.
  • Communication in Administration (National 5)
    • Using IT for gathering and sharing infornation; learners will develop an understanding of reliable sources of information and use the most appropriate methods for gathering information.

At S5/6 level there are a variety of courses on offer which accommodates a range of levels. We currently offer: -

Higher Business Management

The course focuses on the key functional areas of businesses and the importance of enterprise to all organisations and the increasing role that information and communication technology (ICT) plays in a business-orientated organisations. Topics covered are:

  • Business in Contemporary Society
  • Internal Organisations
  • Marketing and Operations
  • Finance and Human Resource Management

Higher Business Administration

Pupils will examine the effective and efficient delivery of business and organisational objectives as well as developing planning and organising skills. Pupils will use a range of software packages in an office environment and ICT to solve business problems. The course comprises of two elements:

  • Administrative Services
    • Effectiveness in the workplace; changing working practices; recruiting, developing and supporting staff; planning, conducting and supporting meetings; effective customer service.
  • Information Technology for Management
    • Using spreadsheets and databases to problem solve; produce solutions in a range of word processing documents.

S5 Business Management

Higher Accounting

This course allows pupils to gain a knowledge and understanding of both financial and management accounting. There are two elements to the course:

  • Financial Accounting
    • Preparing financial statements and evaluating business performance.
  • Management Accounting
    • Controlling costs, budgeting, break even analysis and marginal costing.