Bishopbriggs Academy and a Curriculum for Excellence

At Bishopbriggs Academy staff have been working with Pre 5, Primary and Secondary partners over a number of years to ensure pupils are well equipped to develop the skills which will enable them to achieve of their best through the delivery of a coherent 3-18 curriculum.

In designing our courses we have taken account of the principles of Curriculum for Excellence to ensure:

  • Challenge and enjoyment
  • Breadth
  • Progression
  • Depth
  • Personalisation and choice
  • Coherence
  • Relevance

All staff in Bishopbriggs Academy have worked in departments carefully auditing and revisiting S1 - S3 courses and developing programmes of work, taking account of the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence

Choice at the end of S2 which is then reviewed during S3 continues to be our preferred option. The option form for S2 into S3 ensures appropriate breadth and balance with progression and challenge being offered for all. We aim to ensure all pupils are motivated to find challenge and enjoyment having been given an opportunity to personalise their learning. Our column structure allows pupils to continue developing their skills through a broad general education.  Whilst the majority of pupils' learning experiences take place within the classroom we provide scope for learning in other contexts such as through interdisciplinary projects, outdoor learning, opportunities for personal achievement and through the ethos and life of the school.

By the early stages of S3 we expect most of our pupils to have achieved level 4 outcomes. The skills developed in the Broad General Education from S1 to the end of S3 will equip our pupils well for the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence which begins in S4. This will enable us to present the majority of our pupils for National 5 qualifications at the end of S4 leading to presentation at Higher level in S5.

Our recent move to a 32 period week structure has allowed us to timetable additional learning experiences in health and well being and skills for life and work for all students in the Senior Phase.  Furthermore, students are able to engage in the East Dunbartonshire School - College Vocational Programme and engage in a wide range of learning experiences outwith the school such as work shadowing and community based projects.









National 3

Access and Foundation





National 4

Standard Grade General/Int 1

O Grade B/C




National 5

Standard Grade Credit/Int 2

O Grade A/B










Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher