Bishopbriggs Academy Cluster Partnership


Bishopbriggs Academy is part of a cluster group of learning involving Cleddens Learning and Childcare Centre, Balmuildy Primary School, Meadowburn Primary School, Thomas Muir Primary School and Wester Cleddens Primary School. Staff and pupils work together in a variety of ways to enhance learning and to ensure pupils at all stages are challenged to achieve of their best.

Staff working groups across the cluster have made significant progress in the areas of  Literacy, Science, Health and Wellbeing and Modern Languages. Their enthusiasm and commitment have had a positive impact on the children and young peoples’ learning experiences.

A management group of Headteachers meets regularly to discuss areas identified by pupils, parents and staff which are taken forward through our cluster improvement plan. Rigorous and systematic planning procedures are in place to ensure children have a smooth transition from pre 5 to primary and from primary to secondary school. Parents and carers are informed and involved and their views and the views of their children help shape our work.


Through well-planned and effectively delivered transition arrangements all children and young people will experience continuity, progression and support in their learning and personal development.


This vision is underpinned by agreed values of mutual respect, effective and honest communication and reciprocal support between establishments.


The Bishopbriggs Academy Cluster aims to:

  • Enable all children and young people to access an inclusive curriculum that provides the appropriate support and challenge to allow them to fully develop their skills and talents.
  • Give children and young people opportunities to contribute to their own community and the wider world as responsible citizens.
  • Support children and young people to move confidently and successfully from one establishment to another.
  • Develop mutual respect and understanding of the work and contribution of each individual sector and/or establishment to learners’ experiences.
  • Enable effective channels of communication to allow the transfer of clear and appropriate information.
  • Allow learners to build on previous learning and experience coherence from 3 – 18.
  • Develop shared expectation and moderation of success criteria.


Any parent or carer requiring any further information should contact their child’s Headteacher at the school at the address, e-mail or telephone number below.

Miss L. Kenney

Balmuildy Primary School

Stirling Drive


G64 3AJ 0141 955 2276
Mr G. Moulsdale

Bishopbriggs Academy

Wester Cleddens Road


G64 1HZ 0141 955 2351
Ms L. Stewart

Cleddens Learning and Childcare Centre

Kirriemuir Road


G64 1DL

  0141 955 2291
Ms J. Campbell

Meadowburn Primary School

Lendale Lane


G64 3LL 0141 955 2293

Mrs V. M


Wester Cleddens Primary School

Wester Cleddens Road


G64 2NQ 0141 955 2280

Mrs A. McIntosh

Thomas Muir Primary School

Kirriemuir Road


G64 1DL 0141 955 2290


Calendar of important dates for P7 transition – Session 2017 - 2018:

P7 Parents’ Open Evening                                        Wednesday 4th October 2017

P7 Induction – day 1                                                  Thursday 31st May 2018

P7 Induction – day 2                                                  Friday 1st June 2018

P7 Parents’ Information Evening                               Thursday 31st May 2018