Berlin 2012 - PASCH Seminar

 Bishopbriggs Academy was awarded PASCH status in 2008. PASCH represents Partner Schulen and means that we are one of about 500 schools worldwide who now work in partnership with the German government and the Goethe Institut.

Over the last few years this status has helped the Modern Languages department evolve and enhance our teaching of German as a foreign language both in the classroom and outwith.

Pupils of all year groups have enjoyed visits from famous German sports people, authors and music groups and senior pupils and staff have been able to take part in courses all over Germany.

Berin 2012 was one such opportunity where Mrs Kandi Higgins and Mrs Jennifer Wallace represented Scotland in the PASCH 2012 conference for NORDWEST EUROPA in Berlin where we learned more about the PASCH intranet for all Partner Schools which enables pupils studying German in all the different countries in Northwest Europe to learn about the cultures, learning and interests of foreign pupils learning German in school.

Projects were set up which will allow some of our Bishopbriggs Academy pupils to share their learning experiences with Partner School pupils in Finland, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Ireland to name but a few.

Mrs Higgins and Mrs Wallace were happy to work with other PASCH teachers in Berlin and the Modern Languages department is proud to be part of the PASCH world as we see our young people learning from peers not just in our school but all over the world. Such breadth of learning enhances the opportunities and experiences of our pupils and taking forward plans made in Berlin and we look forward to another productive PASCH year at Bishopbriggs Academy !

 Mrs Wallace works with colleagues at the PASCH Seminar




                                           Mrs Higgins shares her ideas with teachers from Partner Schools