Beatson Cancer Charity - Ice Bucket Challenge

Bishopbriggs Academy does the Beatson

Vice-Captain, Jacob describes the Bishopbriggs Academy Ice Bucket Challenge:

As you may or may not know, every year, the S6 pupils at Bishopbriggs Academy choose a charity close to their hearts and go all out to raise as much money as they possibly can. This year is no different. After discussions had taken place with the entire year group, we decided to focus our fundraising efforts on the Beatson cancer charity. Amongst other things, the Beatson cancer charity supports cancer patients and funds oncology research and education in the west of Scotland. We started our fundraising attempts on Friday 29th of August, bringing the internet sensation that is “the ice bucket challenge” to Bishopbriggs Academy. We encouraged pupils and staff to make donations through the week with a promise that when the funds raised reached certain milestones, someone would be iced. At £75 the captaincy team were first to be confirmed until on Friday morning, members of the captaincy team had the great pleasure of informing our head teacher, Mr Moulsdale, that we had indeed reached the top milestone (his milestone) of £400. And so at lunch time seven members of the captaincy team, five members of the SMT, and one other member of staff were all iced for charity. Later that day the total sum raised was confirmed at £634.05. This is only the beginning and this year we have high hopes of beating last year's’ total. We truly believe that we can raise an outstanding sum of money and so we invite you, the community, to join us in this effort and support us. To use the Beatson cancer charity’s slogan, “we are determined to beat cancer” and we will be giving no less than our best to help climb towards that goal.

After the event!

From left to right, Jacob Williams (Vice-Captain) Logan Sirel (Vice-Captain)Mr Moulsdale (Head Teacher) David Low (Captain) Rachel Pryde (Vice-Captain) Caitlin Whyte (Vice-Captain) Jack Caven (Vice-Captain)