Beatson Cancer Charity - Afternoon Tea

“An outstanding success” is the phrase which has been spreading through the school and the local area. The afternoon tea certainly met the goals that the committee set out before the event: it allowed sixth year pupils to engage with the wider community, raised a fantastic sum of £818 along with raising awareness of this year’s school charity, The Beatson Cancer Charity, and gave prefects the chance to help out and enjoy the afternoon. 

From the beginning of the organisational process all of the S6 body felt it was a very good idea, however it would take a lot of organisation and we would need to contact many local companies to receive donations. We were delighted to receive a huge donation from Morrisons who donated a wide range of cakes, sandwiches and biscuits. Other businesses such as Delights, Marks & Spencer’s, Cake Emporium, Tunnocks, Claire’s Confectionary, Cafe Torino and ASDA also donated. On top of this we received generous donations from several parents and members of staff whom we thank greatly.

The Afternoon Tea has made a massive leap towards reaching our goal of raising over £12,000 for The Beatson. The feedback received from those who attended was excellent and everyone commended our prefects highly on their fantastic manners and their incredible conduct throughout the afternoon. They were all a credit to the school.

Above all we would like to thank everyone who attended as our fundraising simply could not happen without the support of others.

Written by Jack Caven, S6