Battlefileds Diary Extracts

Writing our thoughts each day

Here are some of the pupils' thoughts taken from the diaries which they kept throughout the trip:

Day 3: The Last Post Ceremony

Word for the Day: REMEMBRANCE

The Last Post Ceremony

Diary Extracts:

“The first ceremony was fantastic. The buglers are there every night and people turn up to watch every night. It was very respectful to all the men who died during the Great War”

“I felt incredibly proud and privileged to be there, knowing that all these people had turned up to remember the soldiers. The Menin Gate was spectacular. I will definitely be back”


Bishopbriggs Academy Ceremony

During our ceremony we were able to remember Amy’s uncle’s grandfather’s brother, Thomas Whalley; and Mark’s uncle’s grandfather, Joseph Donald.

Messines Candle Bearer – Lorna Smith

Wreath bearers: Amy Ure and Mark Christie

“There are no words to describe how grateful we are to those who sacrificed their tomorrows for our todays. We came, we saw, we grieved for all nations of the war. Their name liveth forevermore”

Exhortation: Jennifer Dunsmore


Diary Extracts:

“At our own ceremony I was given the opportunity to be a part of the ceremony by holding the Messines candle. I was so proud to be given that chance and it is something that I will remember until the day I die”


“The second ceremony, our own, was very special for me and a few others, as my uncle’s grandfather was there and I also got to take part in laying the wreath at our ceremony which was very special for me”.


“Our ceremony brought the whole battalion together as a family and we will always be the 4th Bishopbriggs Pals.



Diary Extracts: The Overall Week

“I felt incredibly special to be a part of this tour, in the Bishopbriggs 4th Pals’ battalion. Everything we experienced has been incredible”


“I loved every moment of the trip. I genuinely can’t describe, or even attempt to describe, how good it was”


“This is a wonderful experience I have had the privilege of being at yet again. Nothing can prepare you for what you will see. The first time I was here, I was young and absent-minded and did not understand most of it. Now I find it even more awesome”


“I can tell you that I am going to keep coming back until I leave high school”


“I have extremely enjoyed this trip. I have learned so much more and seen so many moving things. The experience has been great!”


“I loved my week. I liked the set up of each day and the many activities we did”


“I can honestly say that the past 3 days have been the most fascinating and best experience of my life. It has really opened my eyes as to what these brave, brave men had to go through... It has been an honour to be picked to be in the Bishopbriggs 4th pals’ Battalion and say ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart for letting me come to the Battlefields Experience 2011”


“It’s hard to put into words. I’ve grown closer to people and got to know them, helped others and had others help me”


“I think I’ll appreciate my life more now because this experience made acknowledge what I’ve got more. I’m glad to be part of the Bishopbriggs 4th pals’ Battalion and this is an experience I will never forget”


“I loved it, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, it was amazing and I will never forget my time here”

“This has been the greatest week of my life. I have learned so much...Most importantly I have learned so much about myself...This has been the greatest experience of my life to date”


“Throughout the week I have changed. I feel I will stop taking so much for granted and I will never forget this trip. I want to help others to see what I have and to help make a difference to ensure our soldiers are always remembered”