BBC School Report 2013

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BBC School Report is an annual event involving thousands of 11 to 16 year olds in hundreds of schools across the UK.  With the help of the BBC, pupils learn to be journalists and write,report and produce the news.  School Report is taking place today (Thursday 21st March 2013).  Pupils from the English department of Bishopbriggs Academy are participating.  Watch out for their news stories and reports appearing here on our website. 

To find out more, visit the BBC School Report website.

BBC School report began at 9.00am with Miss McGuigan's class meeting with their mentor, Findlay from BBC Scotland.  This gave pupils the opportunity to discuss their plans and find out more about news reporting on BBC Scotland.  Our story editors (pictured below) then met to dicuss their plans and stories for today's reports.

Discussing our plans for the day

Watch the introduction to our BBC School Reports here.

Colette, Gurdeep and Jacqueline reported on our recent Education Scotland Inspection Report.  Watch their news report here.

Mhairi and Jennifer reported on the BBC's move to a new building.  Click here to read their report.

Watch Rachel, Emma and Jack's report on the Scottish Referendum by clicking here.

Zoe, Carly and Laura produced a report on the Scottish weather.  View their report here.

Murdo reported on the fall in Scottish unemployment.  His report can be read here.

Molly, Katie, Lana and Jackie discussed the transition from Primary 7 to secondary school.  Their report is available here.

Colette, Cameron, Gurdeep and Rory spoke about video game addiction.  View their news report here.

We hope you enjoy our reports as much as we enjoyed making them.  Thank you to Miss McGuigan, Findlay and the staff, pupils and friends of Bishopbriggs Academy who helped make all our reports.

Celebrating our successful BBC School Report Day


BBC School Report - Practice Day

Thursday 24th January 2013 was a BBC School Report Practice Day.  This gave us the chance to practice filming and prepare our news reports.  Pictured below Cameron, Chris and Katie are rehearsing their report.

Rehearsing a report


Here are two of our video reports.  Unfortunately the reports are a bit out of focus - we will have to practice our film making skills!

To view Cameron's report on Global Warming, click here.

To view Lana, Mhairi, Sophie and Jenny's report on the use of iPads with children with learning difficulties, click here.

Rachel, Rory and Callum wrote this report:

Obama Bans Guns

Due to the Newton mass school shooting, President Barack Obama has proposed a new gun control to prevent shock events.

Obama made an announcement outside the White House and in the crowd were relatives of the children and teachers killed in the school shootings. Obama said “If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try”

The President tried to make the U.S congress reintroduce a ban that had expired that banned new purchases of what is classed as “military style” assault weapons such as those used in several recent mass shootings. He wanted to limit ammunition magazines to only ten rounds. Also he wants to prevent the use of armour piercing bullets.

Mr. Obama wants to introduce more harsh punishments for those caught smuggling guns and unlicensed dealers who buy guns for criminals.

According to a survey in America on 55% of Americans generally favour stricter gun control law with 56% of people saying its currently too easy to buy guns in this country, however only 39% percent say that stricter gun control would reduce the amount of gun crime all by themselves.