BBC School Report

BBC School Report is an annual event involving thousands of 11 to 16 year olds in hundreds of schools across the UK.  With the help of the BBC, pupils learn to be journalists and write,report and produce the news.  News Day is taking place on Thursday 15th March 2012.  Pupils from the English department of Bishopbriggs Academy will be participating.  Watch out for their news stories and reports appearing here on our website.  To find out more, visit the BBC School Report website.

Due to the size of our news report we are unable to upload it to our website.  To view the report, please follow this link.

Thursday 15th March 2012


Time is running out and Editor, Emma is working frantically to finish the Bishopbriggs Academy report.

Emma tries to finish the Bishopbriggs Academy report


Coming up on today's Bishopbriggs Academy BBC News School Report:

  • Race for Life
  • Queen's Jubilee
  • Studying - Is it worth it?
  • Scottish Independence
  • Sporting Opportunities


Filming of reports is almost complete and editing is underway.  Our anchor team, Katie and Jack are starting to practice their opening lines.

John interviews RossAnchorman, Jack plans his introductionEditing a report



John and Jacob had the opportunity to interview First Minister, Alex Salmond as part of BBC News School Report.  Click on the photograph below to watch the full interview on the BBC website.

Jacob watches himself and John outside Bute House for their interview with Alex Salmond


Filming of the various reports is now well underway around the school.  Pupils are realising just how much work goes in to a very short news item and how quickly time is passing.

Filming gets too much for some pupils!Filming is underwayJacob waits for his cue


A quick meeting to assess the progress of each group is held.  Emma, our editor keeps a close eye on what is going on, while Yvette, Rachel and Hannah practice their report.

Miss McGuigan and Emma meet the editorsEditor, Emma and Kirsty discuss the next step in their reportHannah, Rachel and Yvette rehearse their lines


All pupils met in the school library to set up for today's BBC School Report.  The filming corner has been set up, cameras are in place and the first editorial meeting has taken place.  Pupils have now scattered throughout the school to begin preparing their reports.

Katie sets up the cameraMairi and Ciara prepare their reportJacob and Fraser discuss their story


Reporting for Bishopbriggs Academy were:

Fraser, Hannah, Lewis, Emma, Jack, Lauren D, Lauren G, Katie, Ross G, Taylor, Emma, Kirsty, Keira, Mairi, Lisa, Ciara, Mhairi, Lucy, Rachel M, Christie, Rachel P, Lydia, Nabeel, John, Daniel, Ross W and Jacob.

Bishopbriggs Academy BBC News School Report team

Thank you to Mrs McGuigan for all her help and a special thank you to Emma who was a great editor and who worked so hard to bring the report together.


BBC News School Report Practice Day Reports:


Red for Heart Day

The 24th February is "Red for Heart" day.  This video by Nabeel, Lauren, Mhairi, Lydia and Lucy explains about the campaign and about heart disease.














In this report Lisa and Kirsty tell us about taking part in Readathon to raise money for Clic Sargent and the Roald Dahl Foundation.











Ukulele Orchestra

Jacob, Ross and Fraser have worked together to produce a short film on Bishopbriggs Academy's Ukulele Orchestra.  Click on the video link below to watch Jacob interview Mr Walsh, music teacher about the orchestra and take part in a rehearsal. 











 Torch Bearer

Emma, Rachel, Katie and Hannah have produced a report called "Torch Bearer".  Watch the video below to find out more about Fiona, one of our pupils who has been nominated to become an Olympic Torch Bearer.  Fiona has a 1 in 14 chance of being selected.  Look out for the bloopers at the end of their film!











Game of the Season as Rivals Clash

Lewis, John, Jack, Ross and Daniel have produced a report on the forthcoming meeting of local rival football teams, Rossvale Boys Club and EDC United Football Club.  Read their story here.

School Band play in George Square

This Christmas, Bishopbriggs Academy School Band will be playing in George Square.  Watch Jacob, Lydia, Lauren, Mhairi, Lucy and Nabeel's video interview with Mr Moulsdale, Head Teacher on this forthcoming event.