Awards Criteria

S1/S2 Awards

Each department nominates 20 pupils for an Excellence and 20 for a Progress and Effort Award. Excellence Awards are awarded for academic achievement; Progress and Effort Awards are given to those pupils who are not necessarily as academic but who work hard and do their best. These awards are then put in to a spreadsheet and tallied. The top 20 pupils will receive Excellence Awards and the next 20 pupils receive Progress and Effort Awards.

S3 – S6 Awards

S3 – S6 are subject nominations. Each department nominates one pupil per subject for each level to receive Excellence and one for Progress and Effort. Maths and English can nominate 2 pupils for each award. Nominations for Excellence are based on Prelim marks. 

Special Awards

Whilst all Awards are special, a number of awards are also given for a range of achievements throughout the year. These are awarded by departments, the Senior Management Team and Parent Council. The awards of Dux and Proxime Accessit are based on prelim results in S5.

In addition there are sports awards for pupils in S1, S2 and S3 and for the school Team of the Year. There is also an award for individual sporting excellence which can be given to a pupil from any year in the school who has outstanding sporting achievement.