Autism Awareness Week 2017

27th - 31st March 2017 is World Autism Awareness Week and to raise awareness and funds for autism charities our Language and Communication Resource organised a balloon release.  Sam and Callum spoke at each Assembly to raise awareness among pupils and staff and helped to prepare the balloons for release.

Sam and Callum prepare for the release

Sam and Callum speak at Assembly   Sam holding the balloons

Staff and pupils paid a £1 donation and there will be a prize for the balloon which travels the greatest distance.

Libby and Ciaran gather the balloons together

Preparing the balloons

Balloons were successfully launched on Tuesday 28th March and we now wait to see if balloon tags are returned.  Thank you to everyone who donated and to the staff and pupils of the LCR who organised the event.

The balloons are ready to go.  Awaiting a gentle gust of wind!

   Balloons are ready to go

They're off!  Which balloon will go furthest?

Balloons float away into the sky