The fabulous journey of the “Apfelsine”

An international cross-curricular project

Apfelsine is the German word for “orange” and a very special orange is on its journey through schools in Europe. As part of a PASCH schools’ network project the orange has visited our school, Bishopbriggs Academy.

The “Apfelsine” project started in Slovakia. Everywhere the Apfelsine goes pupils are learning and speaking German. Here at Bishopbriggs Academy the orange had an exciting time with Mrs. Kandi Higgins’ first year German class. The Apfelsine was invited into pupils’ homes taking part in their hobbies and day-to-day activities, even baking a cake. It was also introduced to Scottish school life, meeting everyone from the dinner ladies to the headmaster. Apfelsine’s exploits were caught on camera and made into German short films by the pupils which can be watched online on the pupils’ newspaper website.

View their video here.

Mrs. Higgins’ class had great fun practising their German but also their art skills by giving the Apfelsine a beautiful face. They were supported by their art teacher Mrs. Denise Black. After visiting Ireland and Scotland, the Apfelsine is now “rolling” down to England. Gute Reise, Apfelsine!


 News of Apfelsine has reached Scotland's National Centre for Languages.  Read all about it in their newsletter, SCILT.

Further information on the Apfelsine project can be found on the PASCH school newspaper blog.

More information on the Partnerschaft fur Schulen Initiative is available from the Goethe Institut website.