32 Period Week Consultation

In 2012 Bishopbriggs Academy underwent a consultation on changing the school timetable from a 30 period week to a 32 period week.  Whilst this has resulted in a change to the start and finish times of the school day and a slighlty shorter lunch break, the amount of time available for teaching remains exactly the same, although each period is a few minutes shorter.  Changing to a 32 period week has enabled the school to fulfil the demands of a Curriuclum for Excellence, offering more flexibility in the curriculum and helping to fulfil government targets for PE.

Following consultation, the preferred choice has 2 'long' days (finishing at 3.50pm) with a 45 minute lunch break and a three period block in the middle of the day and 3 'short' days (finishing at 3.10pm) with a 55 minute lunch break.  Long days will have seven periods in a day and short days will have six periods.  Mondays and Tuesdays were selected as the 'long' days finishing at 3.50pm.

In February and March 2013, a review of the 32 period week was held in consultation with all staff, parents and pupils.  A summary of the feedback is as follows:


An overwhelming majority of parents (90%), pupils (88%) and staff (92%) were in favour of retaining registration.

Longer Days

By a significant distance the most popular ‘choices’ for longer days were Monday and Tuesday.

Structure of Longer Days

The present structure of two periods then interval, three periods then lunch and two periods in the afternoon (2/3/2) was a much more popular option than either 3/2/2 or 2/2/3 periods per day.

Optimum Length for Lunch

There was no strong mandate to change the lunch duration which is currently a combination of 45 and 55 minute lunches.

Allocation of ‘Extra’ Periods Gained

A significant number of pupils, many of who are girls in S3 or S4, said they did not like the third period of PE. 


·         Current arrangements for Registration will continue.

·         Monday and Tuesday will continue as the longer days.

·         Length of lunchtime will remain the same.

·         Longer day structure will continue as 2/3/2.

·         PE will be reduced to two periods for S1 to S4.

·         An extra period will be allocated to Business/Computing for S1 and S2.

·         An extra period will be allocated to Maths and English respectively for S3 and S4.